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About KDK Marketing Group

Marketing and Public Relations Consulting for your small business needs

KDK Marketing Group is a business marketing and public relations consulting firm that specializes in marketing and public relation strategies that prepares your small business or individual brand for BIG business.

KDK Marketing Group offers services in social media management, content creation, website creation, public relations, business consulting, and marketing planning to fit any small business or individual brand’s needs.

Our Services

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Introductory Consultation

Expert Guidance

Business Planning

Start Your Business

Branding & Positioning Analysis

Achieve Your Goals

Strategic Planning Session

Grow Your Business

Social Media Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you customize your services for niche companies?

We access your individual company's needs and develop a customized strategy for your niche market.

My company is struggling in a changing marketplace. Can you help us stay relevant?

KDK Marketing Group can help you gain leverage in a changing marketplace by offering marketing and social media strategies to meet the changing times.

How do I know that KdK Marketing Group is the right consulting agency for me?

KDK Marketing Group is the right agency for you, because your company's goals are accessed first to make sure the partnership is a right fit and all services can be completed in a timely matter.

What are the timetables for the packages and customized services?

All services require a 50% non-refundable deposit and signed contract.
All packages are on a monthly payment schedule with weekly payments and checkpoints.
Customized services are on a weekly payment schedule until the service is completed.

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